FFMPEG Player For Android+IOS Delphi Component 8.3

FFMPEG Player For Android+IOS is a  video player component for Mobile based on ffmpeg to decode and play video/ audio. 

  • New:upgrade to ffmpeg 6.1.x and support Delphi 12 Note:we already support android 64bit , but only available for register user)
  • Small footprint (remove unused encoders and muxers)
  • Support Playback multiple videos at the same time.
  • Memory stream , http , mms, etc playback (Support Non-Block Open)
  • Provide stop , pause , resume, step forward, seek operations .
  • Lots of video filters support(flip, negate, drawbox, etc) 
  • Lots of  Audio Filters support.
  • Dynamic switch active video/audio track for multiple tracks video.
  • Capable display bitmap subtitle such as dvdsub.
  • Volume control.
  • Disable screen saver while playback.
  • Polling Shoutcast Meta Data

Download Prebuilt D2Player.apk

Note:Trial Version has watermark, part of video cut out , huge memory leak and little audio noise.
The current version only support Delphi 11. To test with delphi 10.4 , please download the old trial at