Webrtc For Delphi Component 3.9

Webrtc For Delphi Component is a Webrtc client component for Windows, Android and IOS can be used to develop VOIP or audio/video chat mobile applications:

  • New:Support Delphi 10.3.3
  • New:Support Firmonkey For Windows.
  • New:Support Switch Camera on Windows
  • New:Support Switch Camera on IOS
  • Support Software Echo Cancelleation on Android
  • Upgrade Android runtime from 10111 to 13665 , IOS runtime to 13317. Windows runtime is still 13204.
  • New:Support Text chat via DataChannel for mobile and PC
  • New:New Janus-gateway video conference client component that support up to 6 users video conference.
  • New:Rewrite the signal server with indy and remove depenency on the sgcwebsockets component
  • New:use native webrtc view to display the video
  • Require Android 4.1 and above.
  • Support different codec (VP8 VP9, H264 , Opus, etc)
  • Support Bitrate, Video size constraints.

Note:To run the test , make sure you have run the signal server and setup your windows firewall to enable data pass the port 6666.

Download prebuilt android apk

Download prebuilt window exe

Download prebuilt Windows signal server


Download prebuilt Android Janus-gateway Video Conference Demo apk

 Download prebuilt Windows Janus-gateway Video Conference Demo